Friday, 20 June 2014

Trebarwith Strand

Trebarwith Strand
A few shots taken at Trebarwith Strand whilst we were on holiday down in North Cornwall.  We visited on two separate days,- firstly one afternoon in bright sunshine and the second on the last morning in the exact opposite conditions, -dull and light rain.
The first images are taken on the first visit on a 5D Mark III and 17-400mm lens and the mono shots on the 30D converted Infra Red camera.
Same viewpoint as the previous shot but taken a few minutes after on the Infra Red Camera
`Black Rock` features in a lot of images you see on the internet of  Trebarwith Strand.
Infra Red works well during the middle of the day, particularly when you have blue skies and white clouds The blue turns black which adds drama to the image.
This was taken on our last day of the holiday. The weather was grim but it did allow me to use longer exposures so that it would `blur` the sea as it was coming in. This is taken on the 5D and a 24-105 lens. ND filters and a 30sec exposure. Converted to mono using `High Structure` in Silver FX.
This is the original version. It was very dull and lacking in lighting and contrast so I have used one of the Topaz filters on it to boost it up a bit.
Topaz filter but bringing some of the mono through
Mono version of the above shot
30sec exposure. Tripod obviously

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