Tuesday, 24 June 2014

England Athletics U23 & U20 Championships - Day 1

England Athletics U23 & U20 Championships - Day 1
At the weekend I attended the England Athletics Under 23 & Under 20 Championships & World Trials. It took place over two days at the Bedford International Stadium. There was plenty of action, from both the track events and the field events. The following shots are from events on the first day.
Start of the Men`s 100m
Kristina Johnston Thompson wins the final of the U23 Women`s 100m
Desiree Henry in the Women`s U20  100m Final
Marvin Popoola in the U20 Men`s 100m Final
John Kelly - Men`s U20 Shot Put
Louis Mascarehas launches the shot in the Men`s U20 Shot Put event
Forest Francis - Men`s U20 Shot Put event.
Jonathan Hay crosses the finishing line in the in the Men`s U23 1500M Final
Deborah Martin clears the bar to win the Women`s U23 High Jump
Phoebe Dowson - Winner in the U23 Women`s Discus Event
Camryn Goodman - Women`s U23 Discus Event
Kathy Hetherington - Women`s U23 Discus Event
Alice Akers - competing in the Women`s U20 Hammer Event
Still all tightly grouped together after the halfway stage in the Women`s U20 1500m Race
The winner of the Women`s U20 race, -Amy Griffiths breaks away from the main pack to make for the finishing line
Out in front in the Women`s U20 1500m - Melissa Courtney
Melissa Courtney crosses the finishing line in the Women`s 1500m Final
After the race is finished, tiredness shows
Into the water splash in the Men`s 3000m Steeplechase
Jordan Campbell - Women`s U20 Javalin
Jordan Campbell
Natasha Wilson - Winner of the Women`s U20 Javelin Event
Adele Nicoll - Women`s U20 Shot Put Winner
Winner of the U23 Women`s Long Jump event, Rebecca Chapman lands in the sand pit

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