Monday, 12 May 2014

Beautiful Demoiselle

Beautiful Demoiselle
A few shots taken down at my local nature reserve near the Roman River Valley of a male and female Beautiful Demoiselle
Male Beautiful Demoiselle - Flash
Female Beautiful Demoiselle - Flash
Male Beautiful Demoiselle using Available Light
Male Beautiful Demoiselle on Stinging Nettle - Flash

Hide at Ipswich

Hide at Ipswich
These are a few more shots taken from the hide at Ipswich. All birds are either coming to bait or to drink from the pond. The hide has been in place for a number of years and I share use of the set up with another photographer, who usually ends up getting better pictures than I do !
Wood Pigeon Drinking
Close Up shot of Male Pheasant drinking at Pond
Male Pheasant Mating Display

Sunday, 11 May 2014

BUCS Athletics Chamionships - Part 2

BUCS  Athletics  Championships - Part 2
These are a few more shots taken on finals day at the BUCS Athletics Championships held at Bedford International Stadium.
Charles Clarke over the last fence in the Men`s 100m Hurdle Event
Hannah Cockcroft MBE - Women`s 800m Wheelchair Event
Hannah Tarver crosses the Finishing Line
Jessica Andrews shows the Strain
Safely over the Bar in the Women`s Pole Vault Event
Daren Waife-Morson lands in the Sandpit
Bending into the Pole During the Men`s Pole Vault Event
Birmingham changeover during the Men`s 4 x 400m Relay Event
Loughborough changeover during the Women`s 4 x 400m Relay Event
Women`s Steeplechase Final
Men`s Steeplechase Final

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


On Sunday I attended the second day of the BUCS Athletics Championships being held at the Bedford International Stadium. I was fortunate to obtain a `media accreditation pass` so was able to photograph `on the track` as opposed to having to photograph from the public area. The first heats were held on the Saturday while Sunday was mainly the quarter and semi finals of both track and field events.
                                                     Adam Gemilli in the Men`s 100mm

                                              Carla Drew in the Women`s 100mm Hurdles
                                                Marylin Nwawulor and Rachel Johncock
                                                           Laura Sugar Out in Front

                                       Samantha Milner Competing in the Women`s Discus
Winner of the Men`s Pole Vault Event Clears the Bar
                                                   Wynston Berice Stafford Raves for the Line

Friday, 2 May 2014



Yesterday, I went over to Oxley Meadows with Peter Cox to photograph  Green Winged Orchids. Its a Essex Wildlife Trust reserve just outside Tiptree. At this site, they grow in their thousands, with all the different colour variants from the normal dark pink/red coloration to pure white ones. Although it had rained quite heavily all morning, it brightened up in the afternoon and the light was quite nice giving perfect conditions - soft overcast lighting with very little wind.

Thursday, 1 May 2014



A couple of weeks ago I visited the Peak District whilst going to the opening of the Clay Cross Exhibition. Only stayed for a few days but managed to get one or two `usable` landscapes. It would be great to return in August, when the heather on the moorlands will be in flower. I  used  both my Canon 5 Mark III and Infra Red converted 30D. All monochromes  converted in Silver FX.

                                                       Cubar Edge -Mono Conversion
                                                              Cubar Edge - Sunrise                                         

                                              Higger Tor                            Millstone on Cubar Edge                             
                                                                          Owler Tor
                                                                 Over Owler Tor -No 1
                                                               Over Owler Tor - No 2
                           Owler Tor -Infra Red No 1                     Owler Tor -Infra Red No 2      
                                                                          Owler Tor
                                                       Cubar Edge - Colour Version