Thursday, 1 May 2014



A couple of weeks ago I visited the Peak District whilst going to the opening of the Clay Cross Exhibition. Only stayed for a few days but managed to get one or two `usable` landscapes. It would be great to return in August, when the heather on the moorlands will be in flower. I  used  both my Canon 5 Mark III and Infra Red converted 30D. All monochromes  converted in Silver FX.

                                                       Cubar Edge -Mono Conversion
                                                              Cubar Edge - Sunrise                                         

                                              Higger Tor                            Millstone on Cubar Edge                             
                                                                          Owler Tor
                                                                 Over Owler Tor -No 1
                                                               Over Owler Tor - No 2
                           Owler Tor -Infra Red No 1                     Owler Tor -Infra Red No 2      
                                                                          Owler Tor
                                                       Cubar Edge - Colour Version

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