Friday, 27 June 2014

England Athletics U23 & U20 Championships - Day 2

England Athletics U23 & U20 Championships - Day 2
These are the images from Day 2 (Sunday), at the England Athletics U23 & U20 Championships held at the Bedford International Stadium.
Over the first set of hurdles in the Men`s U23 100m Hurdles race.
Kristina  Johnson-Thompson in the U23 Women`s 100m Hurdles
Jessica Hunter races for the finishing line in the U20 Women`s 100m Hurdles
No 81, Lucy Hatton clears the last hurdle in the U23 Women`s 110 meters Hurdles
All over the first hurdle
With two hurdles still to go, David Omoregie is out in the lead in the U20 Men`s 110m Hurdles Final
David Omoregie just clips the last fence as he races for the line and wins the race
Maria Luisa Conchella tries to keep cool in the 10K race
Halfway around the track a water station is much needed in the 10K race.
Cameron Corbishley in the U20 Men`s 10k Walking Race
The winner is the men`s U20 10K walk is No 1046 Callum Wilkinson
Keeping Cool
The winner in the Women`s U20 10K Walk,- Emma Achurch
The clear winner by some distance in the U23 Men`s 10K Walk, - Dane Bird-Smith
Sophie McKinna - Winner in the Women`s Shot Put Event
Sophie McKinna shows her strength in the Women`s Shot Put. The officials look closely to see she does not step over the line.
No 194 - Simi Fajemsin lands in the sand pit in the Women`s U20 Long Jump
The winner of the Women`s U20 Long Jump Event, -Morgan Lake
Alyssia Carr

Just showing the legs of this athlete as she goes through the water splash in the Women`s Steeplechase Event.
Some athletes do not always make a clean landing
Shaun Wyllie crosses the line as he wins the men`s U20 1500m
Victoria Ohuruogu is easily in the lead around the last bend in the Women`s 400m Final. Her famous  sister Christine will soon have some competition.
Ryan Leonard starts his run up in the Men`s U23 Javelin Event
Jordan Carter
Jordan Carter in the Men`s U23 Javelin Event
No 904 - Edward Pillai
The winner in the Men`s U23 Javalin Event -Greg Millar
Greg Millar
Greg Millar with the stadium in the background
Liane Bibby in the Women`s U23 Javalin
Paula Gass
One I missed from Day 1- Kimberly Reed in the U20 Women`s Hammer Event

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