Tuesday, 3 June 2014

RPS Nature Photo Workshop

RPS Nature Photo Workshop
At the weekend, Richard Revels and myself made the trip to the RPS Nature Photo Workshop at Belton, North Lincolnshire. It was run by Geoff Trinder ARPS and Paul Hobson in held in Geoff`s `garden` ! I say garden, but not many of us have a garden like Geoff`s,- set in two and a half acres, he has a small wood, wildflower meadow and three wildlife ponds. We were made very welcome and Geoff`s wife provided us with an excellent lunch and it was a very enjoyable day all round.
When we all arrived we started the day by photographing an assortment of moths that had been attracted to moth traps set the the previous evening. This kept us all occupied for a hour or so and Paul and Geoff were there to give any assistance needed. We were lucky with the weather conditions, -slightly overcast with virtually no wind. Ideal conditions.
Elephant Hawk Moth on Yellow Flag Iris on edge of Pond
Green Silver Lines Moth
Pale Tussock Moth
Paul Hobson used the Spectacle Moth to show me the value of using `live view`. I had previously never really `got on` with live view, and preferred to look through the viewfinder and use the Depth of Field button to fine tune focusing but I can now see that `live view` is a much better method of focusing. This shot was taken with a 100mm Macro lens on a tripod and a F 2.8 aperture to give a very narrow depth of focus.
Spectacle Moth.
Pebble Hook Tip
Swallow Prominent Moth
Poplar Hawk Moth
Paul Hobson had brought along some Harvest Mice and suitable vegetation was arranged on a table and we proceeded to photograph them with. The Harvest Mice performed to order and many exposures were taken as the motordrive`s went into overdrive. Paul Hobsonis a well know photographer in his own right and his help throughout the day was invaluable.
Harvest Mouse
Harvest Mouse
Harvest Mouse
Paul Hobson with the Harvest Mice
Harvest Mouse
.We found plenty to photograph at or near the Wildlife Ponds. Paul found an emerging Dragonfly and there was soon a queue to photograph it as it emerged through the different stages. Also Southern Marsh Orchids around the pond edge, paired Dragonflies and a Female Smooth Newt were good subjects.
Southern Marsh Orchid growing beside Wildlife Pond
Common Smooth Newt (Female)
Geoff watches as one of the group photographs the Smooth Newt
Paired Damselflies
Damselfly emerging -Stage 1
Damselfly emerging -Stage 2
Newly emerged Damselfly
Damselfly Excuviae
One of Geoff`s `three wildlife ponds.
Geoff had organized a Bird of Prey handler to bring along a Kestrel, Barn Owl, and a Tawny Owl, which were put on suitably positioned posts, areas of woodland etc. The Barn Owl and Kestrel were flown, but unfortunately I did not really get any worthwhile shots from this.
Kestrel on Public Footpath Post (Captive Bird)
Barn Owl (Captive Bird)
Tawny Owl in Woodland (Captive Bird)
Barn Owl on Fence  (Captive Bird)
The day finished and I am sure that we all went home with some very worthwhile shots. Many thanks to Geoff, his wife, and also Paul for providing us with an excellent days photography

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