Friday, 13 June 2014

Cotswold Salon of Photography

Cotswold Salon of Photography
I had my results from the Cotswold Salon of Photography this week. I entered 12 prints but only had three accepted. Fortunately, two of those got awards, - one commended and the other a Gold Medal. These are the three accepted images.
9 - 10 Your Out !
This one won the Gold Medal and is probably my most successful image so far. It was taken at a boxing match at Colchester Garrison in a contest between 2 Para and 2 Rifles. Taken on a Canon 5D Mark III , and a `borrowed` Canon 24 -70 mm F2.8 lens. Shot at ISO 6400, at 500th sec at F2.8. I was not allowed to use flash so had to crank the ISO up very high. Fortunately, the 5D III is good for this. The light level was grim and I was only allowed to shoot from one corner, between the canvas and the bottom rope. I was lucky to get a knockout right in front of me !
Excite Me
This was taken on a trip up to London to do some candid night time photography. I went to Soho because I wanted to get a blurred picture of people walking past the strip joints and sex shops. Taken on the 5D Mark III, Canon 24 -105 F4, at 2000 ISO. I shot wide open at an 1/8sec , and used the image stabilising on the lens so I got the shop in the background sharp, but got some `movement` on the girl in the foreground as she walked past.
The Blue Room  
This was taken at the Tate Gallery, London. I have to confess that I did not initially `see` this picture. As I walked through the doorway, I saw another photographer taking the shot. Looking over his shoulder, I could see the picture he was taking and I asked him if he would mind if I `copied` his idea.  He laughed and said, `Go ahead and help yourself`. Printed on a textured art paper like Permajet`s Parchment, it make a very nice print.

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