Friday, 1 August 2014

The Midlands Salon of Photography

The Midlands Salon of Photography

I have had my results from the Midlands Salon of Photography. I sent mostly `tried and tested` shots that had done well in previous exhibitions, but I did try a few newer images to see how they fared. I was awarded the FIAP blue badge for the most accepted entries from one competitor, so I was quite chuffed. These are a few of the shots that were accepted.
Chasing the Puck. 
Shot at 6400 ISO at the Ice Hockey Stadium at Peterborough.

German Machine Gunner
This was a new one that had not been entered before. It was taken at last years Victory Show.

Another new one. Taken at Blist Hill Victorian Village. Canon 5D III and 17mm lens
Coot Running Across the Water
Taken at the St. Albans Veralanium Park
 Female and Male Adders
Although taken over a year ago, this was the first time this particular one had been out. Taken hand held with a Canon 100mm macro lens from about 2ft away
 Sprinters in the Rain
One of my more successful shots. Taken at the Bedford International Stadium during a heavy rainfall.
Hannah Cockcroft MBE
Hannah is a dream to photograph and here she looks up as she nears the finishing line
Blind Runner and Guide
Taken during the 100mm Para Athletics race at the Bedford International Stadium
Old Man in Contemplation
Taken at The Black Country Museum. This is in fact a HDR image. Three exposures over a range of 5 stops, combined in Photomatrix and the converted to monochrome with Silver FX 
The Punch
Another new one but taken a year ago at a Saracens match at the Vicarage Road Stadium at Watford. This was taken under floodlights which do give a plasticy effect to the skin. ISO 2500.
 Black Adder

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