Saturday, 9 August 2014

SRGB Print Exhibition

SRGB Print Exhibition
It seems to be all exhibitions at the moment. The SRGB Print Exhibition was judged last week, and I managed to get nine acceptances. This is one of the exhibitions listed on the British Photographic Exhibition circuit, so points go towards the `crown` awards. These are three of the images accepted. 
Kingfisher with Minnow
Taken from a hide using a 600mm F4 lens.
Odje Edoburn - Men`s 100m Event
Sports shots are all about capturing the action and expression of the athletes
Keep Out - Dangerous Structure
This was taken in the Hythe area of Colchester early one morning on a Canon 40D. It was converted to mono using one of the Topaz filters in `Adjust`, which gave the stark grainy effect, almost as if it had been shot on very fast film.

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