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The Hide Set Up at Ipswich and a Few More Pictures

The Hide Set Up at Ipswich and a Few More Pictures
These are the latest shots taken up at the hide at Ipswich. This time of year when its hot, the small `pond` that is situated in front of the hide gets quite busy. I share the hide with Liz Cutting, and we are very lucky that we are allowed to use the location, which is on private land. I have included a few shots showing the hide, and the set up we use.  
A very wet Jay
Jay bathing
The Hide.
Initially, when I first had access to the site, I was using a portable canvas hide. After a year, I asked the person who owns the land it I could build a permanent wooden hide that would take two people, and it has been in use for about 15 years.  This is the second version of the Hide - the first one I built was more flimsy and was only in place for a few years. This hide is a lot more solid and because it has been there so long the bird/wildlife are quite use to it.
This is the view from the front of the hide taken with a 28mm lens. Jays, Magpies and Woodpeckers are regular visitors. The `pond` is no more than a glorified bird bath. It only measure approx. 2 feet in diameter and is very shallow, -only 2" deep in the middle with sloping edges so that even the small birds can use it.
A Juvenile Green Woodpecker. These really have performed well over the last couple of weeks. 
Having a good scratch
Drying out in the sun.
Great Spotted Woodpecker
A more classical shot of a great Spotted Woodpecker that comes regularly to a Silver Birch post
Full from shot showing the Woodpecker on the post
Side view of the post. Drilled out holes filled with a mixture of food.
This juvenile Magpie was playing with a bit of grass in the pond
A Juvenile Female Pheasant. Although the picture does not show its size, it was considerably smaller than the adult
Great Tits are regulars

Chaffinch at edge of Pond
Collard Dove drinking

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