Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Blue Room

The Blue Room
I have had my results from the RPS International Image for Screen Exhibition. I had three images accepted, and was quite please that the `Blue Room` was awarded a RPS Bronze Medal.
I have put the shot up on a previous blog entry, but I thought I would show the finished image and the original raw file image, with no processing as a comparison.  
It was taken at the Tate Modern earlier on in the year and initially I did not think it would be any good, but after it had had a bit of work with photoshop, it seemed to `come to life`. 
Final Image
Original Raw File, with no alterations.
As you can see, quite a bit of work with the clone tool was needed to take out the ugly structure through the doorway, and also remove the plaque and green fire exit sign. The doorway needed a figure in it so I took one from another picture and defocused her so that she looked natural. It was important that she was `walking into the picture` to balance up the stewards hands and legs which were facing from left to right.  It was also made to have a more `high key` feel, and then given a light blue tone.  

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