Sunday, 28 November 2021



Since my last post about closing down my hide in Ipswich, I have be fortunate enough to be allowed to set up a new feeding station locally. Being in Ipswich, the previous hide was a good 40 mins drive away, but this new feeding station is only a 12min drive from where I live. Its in a local orchard, and the land is private, so it is unlikely that it will be vandalised or disturbed. 

I set the feeding station up a few weeks ago and in the short time it has been there, I have been amazed at the number of small birds visiting the feeders. One reason that it is attracting so many small birds is the amount of trees, bushes and hedges nearby. The birds have plenty of cover to hide in should a Sparrowhawk come through, which it does quite frequently. 

I made a YouTube video on how I set it all up, and it shows some of the birds that I am attracting. You will need to copy and paste the link below to access the video.

If you have any thoughts or questions about the set up/feeding station,  feel free to ask in the `Coments` section of the video. 

Saturday, 4 September 2021

The Hide At Ipswich - the End of an Era

 The Hide at Ipswich - End of an Era 

Over the last 27 years, I have been very fortunate to have permission to have a hide on private land.

 The opportunity for this came about after a chance meeting with someone at a camera club talk. After the talk, someone in the club came up and asked me if I had any pictures of Foxes ? `Only one or two ` was my reply,  to which he informed me that he had Foxes coming in his `garden`. If I wanted to come around to his, I could probably get some nice pictures.  

To be honest, when he said `garden`, I did not get very excited. The thought of a nicely mowed lawn with flower beds in the background, would not have made particularly exciting pictures. What he had not told me was that his garden was in excess of 7 acres, and quite a lot of it was growning fairly wild. 

When I eventually went around to have a look at his `garden`, I realised how much potential the site had. I asked him if I could set up a small canvas hide, and try to get some pictures of the Fox to which he agreed.  I say `Fox`, but in fact there were three families of Foxes living quite close to the area, and they regularly came into the wild area of the garden. 

On the first evening I saw a Fox , and although it was a distance away, and quite wary, it was exciting to actually see one.  Over the next few weeks this Fox became used to the hide and came amazingly close and I was able to obtain some great pictures. Often there would be more than one Fox, and one occassion I had four Foxes in front of the hide at once !  Which one do I photograph ? 

Although the main target at this location was Foxes, there were lots of birds in the area, so I asked if it was O.K to set up and a bird table and some feeders.  The owner of the land was quite happy for me to do this. Lots of different birds started to come to my `feeding station`, and I obtained shots of both Great Spot and Green Woodpeckers, Jays, Magpies, Stock Doves, Pheasants, Song Thrush. Mistle Thrush, Blackbirds, Robins, Chaffinch`s as well as Blue, Great, Coal and Long Tailed Tits.  

After a couple of month it became obvious that this was going to be a long term project,  so I asked f it would be O.K to build a wooden hide rather than using the canvas hide. The owner said that was fine, and I constructed a hide large enough to take two tripods. That way I could set up two cameras with different focal length lenses. 

Over the years it has provided me with loads of fantastic pictures, and I am indebted to the owner of the land for allowing me to use his land. He never charged me a penny for the use of the land, and providing that I gave him some of the pictures I had taken there, he was quite happy. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and I have decided that the location has run its course. There are a lot more houses surounding the area now, and there is not the amount of bird activity there that there was 10 or 15 years ago. So with a heavy heart, I have decide to call it a day.  

Many thanks to Ian and Anne for allowing me to have the free run of their `garden` over the last 27 years. I am very, very grateful. I have spent many happy hours there photgraphing the wildlife.

These are just a few of the hundreds of images I have taken over the years at this location. 


Friday, 18 June 2021

Another YouTube Video

Another YouTube Video 

Latst YouTube video uploaded. 

This one is on ` Photographing Birds in Flight with a Wide Angle Lens`

Here is the link to the video. You will need to copy and paste the link to access it


Wednesday, 2 June 2021

New YouTube Videos

 New YouTube Videos

Since my last post I have produced three new YouTube Videos. 

I got the video `bug` from Mike Lane FRPS who produces some excellent videos on YouTube. Making video is a completely different mindset to stills photography.  Intitially it was just something new that I thought I would try when we started the third lockdown. The was quite fun to do, but difficult having to learn new video editing software. 

These are some of my latest videos. If you copy and paste the link it should take you to the respective videos

Monday, 15 March 2021

Ground Level Bird Photography

Ground Level Bird Photography 

I have just uploaded a new bird photography video on YouTube.  This one is on photographing from a ground level hide. 

You need to copy and paste the link below to watch  


Friday, 5 March 2021

Two More YouTube Videos

  Two More YouTube Videos 

Since my last posting at the begining of February, I have found that I am becoming more interested in video and video editing. It has given me some new to focus on during lockdown whilst in the constraints of finding subject to photograph within local boundaries. 

 Cnsequently I have uploaded two new videos to YouTube. Both of these videos are on Garden Bird Photography.         

                               The First video is on `Photographing Garden Birds - Part 1`

This video was about how to photograph birds in a small town garden. Not always the easiest place to get natural looking shots. In the video I show some of the set-ups I use to get natural looking pictures. 




Unfortunately the above link  will not take you directly to the video. You have to copy and paste it into your Browser`s`address bar` to access it . 

                                 The second video is on ` Photographing Garden Birds in the Snow` 

This video was put together when we had heavy snow in Colchester. Fortunately it settled nicely and hung around for almost a week. We have not had snow like that for a few years, so it was good to have the oportunity to get some good shots in these conditions. 


Unfortunately the above link  will not take you directly to the video. You have to copy and paste it into your Brower`s`address bar` to access it . 


The next video I hope to upload in a couple of weeks will be on Photographing Birds from a Low Viewpoint. 

Monday, 1 February 2021

New YouTube Video - Macro Frost Photography


New YouTube Video - Macro Frost Photography 

I have uploaded a new YouTube video. In the video I show how I photograph in frosty conditions with the the EM1 MkIII and the 60mm Macro lens. Its the first time that I have made a video were I have filmed myself  talking to camera.  A bit of  a strange experience ! 


To watch the video click the link below 

Frost Photography using the Olympus EM1 MkIII and 60mm Macro Lens - YouTube