Sunday, 5 April 2015

RPS Nature Group Exhibition 2015

RPS Nature Group Exhibition 2015
Had my results from this years RPS Nature Group Exhibition, and had my best result for a long time. Out of the 16 entries, I had 10 acceptances, one Gold Medal, one Selectors Award and a Highly Commended.  Theses are the images accepted.
Female and Male Adder  - Gold Medal
Soaking Wet Juvenile Green Woodpecker
Red Squirrel
Green Winged Orchids - Selectors Award
Close Up Detail of Military Orchid - Highly Commended
Heron in Flight
Soaking Wet Jay
Red Squirrel
Frog Orchid
Crested Cow-Wheat
Male Beautiful Demoiselle on Stinging Nettle


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