Friday, 17 April 2015

Brighton - A Day at the Seaside

Brighton - A Day at the Seaside
Last week, I had to give a short lecture tour of three clubs in the West Sussex area., Bognor Regis, Steyning and Eastbourne.  On the Thursday,  Mike Williams from Steyning Camera Club, very kindly took me into Brighton to show me the `sites` around the town and seafront. The following shots were taken with a Canon 5D mark III and 24-105 lens.

Typical deck chairs along the main pier
Alex, - one of the `models` I found around the narrow streets of Brighton. Alex is an `alternate punk` and I posed her against one of the many `graffiti` walls that can be found around the narrow back streets.
 Another portrait taken against a very striking graffiti wall.

Colour Version of pevious shot.
I normally carry some cards around with me with my email, web site  and `blog`address on. I had left them in the car this time, so wrote my email and blog address on Alex`s arm, so I could send on some of the pictures to her.
Pavillion along the front
An HDR shot , showing the burnt out framework of the old pier through the pavilion. HDR is not to everyone`s taste but I felt it worked O.K. for this image.
One of the many `faces` that can be found on graffiti on the walls in Brighton. I will make a panel of prints of the `faces` for my panel talk.

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