Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Tough Guy 2014

Tough Guy 2014
On Saturday four of us went to the Tough Guy event near Wolverhampton. Having been on two previous occasions I knew what to expect but I was surprised how few people where there. Certainly not the numbers I had seen on previous occasions. Apparently, it clashed with the `Tough Mudder` competition, which was being held near Northampton. It did mean that at least you did not have to fight to get to the front this time. All pictures taken with a Canon 5D Mark III and 70-200mm lens.  
Falling over in the muddy water
I managed to persuade these four girls to go back and go through this part of the course four times to make sure I got them all in a line. Fortunately for me, the girl on the right fell over !
At this part of the course, the competitors had to run through straw that has been set alight, and then into a muddy wet area. Some loose their footing and fall over,-not pleasant for them, but it does give great photo opportunities.
Jumping through the flames
Taken in the area they call `The Killing Fields`, the competitors have to put themselves through muddy pools holding onto the ropes.
Having to go `underwater` to get underneath the large wooden poles in the background, a competitor comes up for air.
Help ! I`m drowning !!
Seems like a nice boy !
In this area they have to crawl along on their belly or risk getting caught on the barbed wire !
It hurts !

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