Friday, 4 July 2014

Frog and Musk Orchids

Frog and Musk Orchids
Had a day out last Sunday orchid hunting with Richard Revels. We went to Bison Hill first to photograph Frog Orchids. This is a good site for this quite small orchid, but they do grow in small numbers on the side of the hill. It takes a while to get your eye in to spot them in the long grass.
Frog Orchid showing the full plant with the leaves
Close Up shot of the flowers of the Frog Orchid. Not a very big orchid, only growing to about 4 " in height.  
After the Frog Orchids we went on to Tottenhoe Knolls to photograph the Mush Orchids. Perhaps not the most exciting or the most photogenic of orchids, but it was nice however to find them in full flower.
 A pair of  Musk Orchids side by side.
Close up head shot od Musk orchid. Only a very small orchid, it only grows to about 3-4" in height
We finished of the day before the rain came in by going to Sharpenhoe Clappers. Richard new where there were some quite attractive Crested Cow Wheat growing.

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