Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Table Tennis in Monochrome

Table Tennis in Monochrome
Not having entered any of the National or International Photographic exhibitions/salons for well over a year, I have decided to put an entry into this years Wrekin Salon. This partly because I was one of the panel of judges last year, so I felt I had better support it.
Not having ever entered any of my table tennis images before, I thought it would be an idea to try some out. There is an Open Colour section, and an Open Mono section, so I have been messing around trying out a few images, mainly to see how they would convert into `black and white` images.
Although I still think of table tennis as mainly a sport for photographing in colour, I was quite pleased with how some of these converted into gritty monochromes. Only trouble is that now I cannot decide which of the four of the nine images I should enter ?
Chun Yin Yu
 Danny Reed - backhand counter attack
 Ladies England No 1 - Kelly Sibley
Lucy Wang- prepares for a Tomahawk serve
Ryan Jenkins.
Louise Peake
Tin Tin Ho
Gavin Evans
Hongsheng Wang and his team celebrate winning the match.


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  2. Thanks for the kind comments Ramiz. Much appreciated.