Monday, 13 October 2014

Eastern Region ASA Swimming Championship

Eastern Region ASA Masters Swimming Championship
John Bulpitt, Peter Milsom and myself, obtained passes to photograph at this years Eastern Region ASA Masters Swimming Championships, which was held at Newmarket Leisure Centre on the 4th October. Having photographed at the event a couple of years ago, I knew that there would be some good action, and although the 5D Mark III only has six frames per second, it is excellent for shots taken at high ISO. Even still, the light level was not great, so a lot of the shots were taken at ISO speeds of between 2500 and 5000. Obviously, with any indoor sport or competitive event, flash was out of the question.
We were allowed to photograph `pool side` so could move our positions without any problems. providing that we did not get in the way of the referees or competitors. Most of the shots were taken with the Canon 70-200 F2.8,-all shot wide open, to get the highest shutter speed under the lighting conditions. Some shots were taken with the Canon 50m 1.8 lens, and the wide angle shots, with the Canon 17-40 F4 lens.
Below are some of the shots from the event.

 This gentleman is Donald McFarlane, and was the oldest person swimming that day. He is 85 years old and could do eight lengths of the pool ! I would struggle to do half a length !

These two shots were taken with the 17mm end of the Canon 17-40 lens, standing over the edge of the pool.  

Watching to see the touch the end of the pool before the turn.

Although it is really the action shots that we went for, this one is a slightly more candid image. I felt it has a slightly more `photojournalistic` feel to it. 
The flowing four images are using `pan and blur` with a slow shutter speed to try and get some movement into the shots. Taken with the Canon 70-200 lens, and using shutter priority, I used a shutter speed of 25th of a second.  A great way to fill up the memory card, -unfortunately, the success rate is low, but these ones did not come out too bad.

The 85 year old Donald McFarlane again 

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